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  Now booking for our 2018 Season!

Welcome To The Star Bar Comedy Theatre, Home of  BOGOF Comedy TuesdaysBonkerZ Featured Artist Comedy Clubs, The $10 Dollar Comedy Clubs and Australia's # 1 School of Stand Up Comedy  


Featuring The $10 Dollar & Bonkers Featured Artist Comedy Clubs.

NEW for 2018- BOGOF Comedy Tuesdays (Starts March 6th)


New dress codes for Star Bar Comedy Theatre 2017. Due to Star Bar's 1.5 million refurbishment, we've been told to inform all comics, T-shirts with offensive language or images, sandals, flip flops, torn jeans etc, will not be permitted. You will not be allowed in, therefore you will loose your spot and listed as a no show. Please arrive with a minimum dressed to impress your audience and fans. 


NOTE: Room is owned by an African American, if this is an issue with you, please stop here. Although we welcome all races and ethnic backgrounds, this has been an issue with some comics in the past and in the present and to be honest, we don't have the time and patience to deal with those who make this an issue. If this is an issue with you, may we recommend the other rooms. To everyone else who could care less, where I'm from and the colour of my skin, you are always welcome.


Welcome to the New BOGOF Comedy Tuesdays, $10 Dollar and BonkerZ Comedy Clubs. Since 2008, our idea was to create a professional room, where open mikers (or as we named them Rising Stars) and semi-pros, could come and perfect their craft, because of this, we were the first to initiate lots of new concepts to Australian comedy rooms,

1. First to use 5 or more comics per show as standard. We were told this would destroy the comedy industry, but since all comedy rooms are now doing the same, I guess it didn't after all.

2. First to use Wireless microphones as standard.

3. First to pay open mikers and semi-pros for regular gigs, inside and outside of the club. Prior to us, the only comics making any money were headliners.

4. First to have photo wall of fame inside the club that exclusively featured serious open mikers and semi-pros, local to the scene.

5. First to feature regular theme nights in their club that featured open  mikers and semi-pros i.e 10 Comics for $10 Bucks, Battle of the comic sexes, The Asian Stand up Comedy Invasion, 20 Comics in 60 Minutes, The African American and Asian Comedy Tour, Comedy Court and Clean as a Whistle, to name a few.

6. First to give new up and comers, a chance to MC a show in a professional surrounding

7. First to give open mikers a minimum of 6 minutes on stage and semi-pros a minimum of 8 mins

8. First to give semi-pros up to 15 mins as a featured artist as standard. Hey, we know you can't become a headliner if you're only given 5 to 6 mins everytime you're on stage.

9. First room designed and created specifically for Rising Star and Semi-Pros, who are serious about performing in a professional room that's not a pub or tavern and a room that gives them plenty of time on stage to help reach a headliner performance level.

Because of this, we're only looking for serious and reliable stand up comics. If you have a previous history of lots of cancellations, no-shows or arriving late, please don't sign up, we're not the comedy clubs for you. Even though we offer a variety of  spots for comics from pros to up and comers, our audiences expect us to deliver a professional show every time and on time. On occasion we advertise, promote and market, the photos and names of each comic that will be performing on that week, Comics who cancel after confirming an appearance, makes the club and themselves, look bad, when they don't perform. Nuff said.


Here's the lineup for both shows.

BOGOF Comedy Tuesdays 7:45pm: 1 MC plus 3 Featured Artist and 1 to 2 Rising Stars (Open Mikers)

The $10 Dollar Comedy Club 8pm (Fri) features: 1 MC plus  3 Featured Artist-15-20 min sets ( Pro's, Semi Pros ) and 1 -2  Rising Stars(Open Mikers)

BonkerZ Comedy Clubs 8pm (Sat) features: 1 MC plus 3 Featured Artist - 15-20 min sets (Headliners-a 2 day spot) and 2 Rising Stars (Open Mikers)-up to 6 min sets

Comic Rules:


Featured Artist must have a minimum of 10 mins of solid material and minimum of 2 years continues stage experience. Being a regular performer at the star bar also helps but is not necessary.

NOTICE:  ALL Featured Artist. Please bring your professional A Game. If your routine consist of Crude Humour, Lots of swear words, constant talk of F..King, male or female genitals, drug abuse, suicide etc, we don't consider this appropriate material for our room. Please adjust all future routines to suit. Those who arent able to adjust their material, may be moved to rising start status or not allowed to perform in our rooms. Our main objective is to offer a professional comedy room, where the audience isn't subjected to constant depravity and crude humor. 

Open Mikers (Rising Stars) will be given up to 6 mins of stage time.

All Rising Stars. Same rules above apply to you as well. If you want to move up to the 15 minute performance category, you'll need to deliver, cleaver, sharp and little to no profanity, and nothing construed as crude humor


Some shows are double weekend spots meaning, you will be performing on a Friday and Saturday night. Note Featured Artist only.


Payment- MC (Tues/Fri/Sat)  $50-$100 (Depending on show numbers)

ALL Featured Artists Receive- 1 Drink of Choice (Each performance-when they arrive on time for the 7:25pm show meetingplus they also get to select all their future dates for  BOGOF Tuesdays, BonkerZ and $10 Dollar Comedy Club Shows plus they are used in our paid themed comedy shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

MC's have the responsibility to Know the up and coming events and promos, know the house rules, check in and brief all comics for the night of house rules. Please arrive no later then 7:20pm on Fridays or Saturdays to brief the comics. If you can't arrive at this time, please don't request to be an MC. Late MC loose $25 when they arrive late.  

1 free guest allowed per performer  (excludes special events) Please notify at-least 3 days before show of your guest  name. We recommend sending your guests name when u are confirming your show appearance 1 week before.

BOGOF Tuesdays, BonkerZ Comedy Clubs and The $10 Dollar Comedy Clubs reserve the right to allow or decline a registration for any reason. This decision is final.

Although all styles and forms of comedy are welcomed,and we do realize most comics use profanity we do ask that you keep profanity and vulgar language at the barest minimum. ANY material deemed racist, sexist, homophobic or anything that seriously offends your audience, could result in loss of future paid gigs. We understand most rooms allow you to pretty much say what ever you want, but we try to attract people old and young to our shows. We find, the older crowds aren't really into a lot of profanity or crude humour and believe me, they let us know.

We ask that all material be original. Any material found to be stolen or taken from another source will RESULT in your IMMEDIATE dismissal.Also No joke notes on your hand, legs, elbows or paper. This looks very un-professional on stage. If u don't have it memorized, don't use it! if you are booked on as a Featured Artist (10-15min spots) and are seen using notes, u will be moved to open mike status ( 6mins on stage where u will have to book on line for each new spot).

You will be given a flashing red strobe light when your time is up, going over that time could cancel all future dates and spots. So when U see the Light, you have 60 Seconds to exit stage right! 


All performers will receive an Email and/or SMS via mobile 1 week before show. Please reply to this sms ASAP. Failure to reply within 24 hours could result in your spot being given to another comic.This is our way of confirming your attendance. If you dont receive an SMS by Tuesday the week of your performance, you'll need to call our office (02) 95472578, no later then Wed, to confirm your spot. We have several comics on stand by waiting for stage time, if we dont hear from you, we need to fill that spot

Equipment supplied and Comic responsibility on the night will be a stage, basic lighting, up to two microphones and stands and CD facilities. Please discuss your requirements with our MD (Music Director) prior to your appearance on stage. No request for additional equipment or changes will be accepted on the night of your performance. If You drop, slam, knock  and break our wireless Mic system and Mic Stand, you will have to pay to replace it.

NO Audience Members on Stage. Period. Don't invite anyone up on stage. If they damage any of our equipment, you will have to pay to replace it.


Las Vegas Entertainment is the producer of BOGOF Comedy Tuesdays, The $10 Dollar Comedy Clubs, BonkerZ Featured Artist Comedy Clubs and House of  Magic Shows.

We (Las Vegas Entertainment ) reserve the right to alter or change these rules, registration terms and conditions without notice.



Note: Now booking for Oct / Nov  / Dec Spots. 

Want to fine tune that performance or routine? Or perhaps, get into the Stand up Comedy Industry. We suggest Signing up for our next Australia school of stand up comedy 1 day crash course or the 5 Day or 5 week complete Industry course (1 day per week syd), and 5 Week course (Sydney/Melbourne/ Adelaide/Canberra) by clicking Stand Up School above on the tool bar ! Next courses starting soon !



Note: The Star Bar Comedy Theatre has a Dress Code
   no torn jeans or slacks, singlets or thongs


 Las Vegas Entertainment Presents:






Please READ our Terms & Conditions - Comics BEFORE Completing This Form.

Please leave no blank spots on form. Write  NB if doesn't apply

 Note:  Now booking March/April/May 2018 Spots



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