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  Now booking for our 2017 Season!

Welcome To BonkerZ Featured Artist Comedy Clubs

At BonkerZ, every comic "Pro, Semi-Pro or Rising Star (open Miker) will receive a percentage or donation of every ticket sold on the night. That's right, all comics who perform will be paid. * Conditions Apply * Trial period- Feb-May 2017

At BonkerZ, we're Australia's only Co-op Comedy Club, Each Comic receives a percentage of each ticket sold. We believe if you're brave enough to get on a stage and make a room full of total strangers laugh, you deserve something. Very few people have what it takes to perform stand up comedy. Those who do, know it's not easy.


All comics have the option of being paid to perform, which means,we're only looking for serious and reliable stand up comics. If you have a previous history of lots of cancellation, no-shows or arriving late, please don't sign up, we're not the comedy club for you. Even though we offer a variety of comics from pros to rising stars, our audience expects us to deliver a professional show every time and on time. The Co-op idea is with the promoter and performing artist, pushing the night through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc, working together will increase the audience size, which will increase how much each comic makes on the night. This Trial Payment concept will be in effect till May 2017, if it works, we keep it, if not, it ends May 2017 and we resort back to current Sydney Style comedy club.

We're proud to be the only Co-op Comedy Club in Australia where all performers share in the clubs profits. This is why we use only professional and reliable performers, we advertise, promote and market, their photos and names on our website, facebook page and various other sites across the country. Comics who cancel or are complete no-shows, after confirming an appearance, make the club and themselves, look bad. Especially if a customer sees their photo and shows up to catch their performance. Nuff said.


Payment conditions and options are:


Option 1. Paid Spot 1- Requires each comic to tag BonkerZartistClub show on Facebook and twitter #BonkerZaustralia, the week of their performance anytime between Sun -Thur only. 


Option 2. Paid Spot 2-Requires each comic to bring a minimum of 2 paid guest.


Option 3. Performance only spot-not paid-

For those who don't want to promote the room, themselves, other comics or bring paid guest.


Note: Paid Spots 1 and 2 will be given preference over performance only spots. The idea is to work together to increase the audience per show, the larger the audience, the more money each comic will make on the night. Simple.


In each show, we will have 1 MC plus 3 Featured Artist (Headliners) and 1 Rising Star (Open Mikers)

Comic Rules:

Featured Artist must have a minimum of 10 mins of solid material and minimum of 2 years continues stage experience and have been a regular performer at the star bar in the last 2 years. For those who have 2 years experience or more, but aren't regular performers at the star bar, we suggest signing up for a Rising Star spot first, we will then evaluate your routine and move u up to Featured Artist Status if appropriate.

Rising Stars (Open Mikers) will be given up to 6 mins of stage time. From here, you have the opportunity to be moved up to Featured Artist Status in the near future, Open to all. Regular or non-regular Star Bar Comics


Some shows are Headliner double weekend spots meaning, you will be performing on a Friday and Saturday night. You will receive a donation for both days. Note Featured Artist only.

Payment- Choice of 2 Drink Vouchers or Cash. Note: we offer comic donations to help cover some of your costs i.e transportation (Bus/Train), petrol or maybe even a meal etc. It's not enough to retire on, but hopefully it will help you with some expenses.


If you select options 1 or 2 above, you will receive...

1. MC will receive a donation of $1.50 per ticket sold. Featured Artist receive a donation of  $1 each per ticket sold on the night

2. Rising Stars (Open Mikers) or Semi-Pro (Some Experience) receive a donation of  50c each per ticket sold on the night

Room capacity- 75 seats or on a night we do back to back shows 150 seats. Note: All tickets sold excludes Dinner Show Tickets


Note: All featured Artist Spots are booked until June. We do have a few Rising Star Spots open for  Feb/March/April 

Want to fine tune that performance or routine? Or perhaps, get into the Stand up Comedy Industry. We suggest Signing up for our next Australia school of stand up comedy 1 day crash course or the 5 Day or 5 week complete Industry course (1 day per week syd), and 5 day course (Melbourne/ Adelaide/Canberra/Perth/Brisbane) by clicking Stand Up School above on the tool bar ! Next courses starting soon !



Note: The Star Bar Comedy Theatre has a Dress Code
   no torn jeans or slacks, singlets or thongs







Please READ our Terms & Conditions - Comics BEFORE Completing This Form.

Please leave no blank spots on form. Write  NB if doesn't apply




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  12. NEW for 2017 BonkerZ Pro, Semi-Pro, MC's and Rising Star spots are all paid spots (Conditions required). To receive payment,Comics are required to send a minimum of 1 Facebook Show Tag and 1 Twitter Show Tag to receive payment or can choose instead to bring a minimum of 2 guest to perform. You also have the option if you don't want to promote the show or bring 2 guest, you can perform without pay. If you meet the above conditions, each comic will receive a percentage of each tickets sold on the night. (Featured Artist and MC's) Pro's will receive a higher percentage then Rising Stars. MC's and Pro's need a minimum of 2 years continues stage performance time, Solid 10 Minute Routine (Minimum) and have been a regular performer at The Star Bar in the last 2 years, they are selected by the Promoter. Semi-Pros and Rising Stars (Open Mikers) must sign up on line to receive a spot in the Bonkerz Shows.With regular performances and attendance, Rising Stars and Semi-pros will be moved up to Featured Artist Status. Shows are held every Friday and every 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month.
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