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Welcome to Australia's  # 1 school of stand up comedy. Since 2008, we've trained more men and women to be stand up comics, then all the other stand up schools combined. With locations in VIC/SYD/SA/QLD/ACT/WA, this course was designed to take you step by step into the mind and world of the stand up comic. The ability to make others laugh is a unique skill to say the least. This course will help you find your performance and stage presence ! Hey, you can even use what we teach you to build your confidence and give better speeches and presentations at work, school etc. Everyone knows, the best speeches are always the funny ones ! Taught by several of the hottest, Male and Female, stand up comics and show promoters in the industry from The USA and Australia plus special guest. Giving our students the combined experience of over 40 years in Australia and America as well as several different comedy shows to practice their new trade! Where our schools differ from other schools is, we just don't prepare you for your local area only, our curriculum prepares you for Local, National and International performances. The art of user friendly performances differ in Australia, USA, The UK and even Asia. NEW for 2016: Bring a Friend and Save!

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Our Full 4 or 5 week Sydney  or ( ACT/ Adelaide / Melb / Brisb / Perth  5 day ) course will cover and include:

  • Where and How to find and write great material
  • Step by step joke writing techniques
  • Fine tuning and sharpening your performance skills, Comedy Pitfalls & Traps.
  • Time saving tips on what to look-out for and avoid.
  • Educational vintage and current DVD footage of Comedians and classic stand up routines
  • Finding Your On Stage Persona, Stand up Tips and insider secrets, List of Comic Venues in Syd / Vic / SA / Brisb /Perth / Canberra to perfect your trade.
  • Footage of former graduates in action across Australia
  • Professional DVD of your graduation performance (Free of Charge)
  • Getting past your stage fear
  • Bombing on stage and why its good
  • Our 5 plus 5 program ( 5 weeks classroom Training and 5 weeks work experience for graduates) 5 days plus 2 in QLD/ACT/ Melbourne/Adelaide (same amount of hours as our 5 week Syd courses)
  • 5 different stand up comedy shows to perfect your comedic styles (Comedy Court -Sydney, Adelaide Fringe 2016, Themed shows in Melbourne, Quick, Some Comedy..Quick Syd, Comedy for Lunch Syd 10 Comics  Adelaide, 20 Comics Perth, and Fitzys Funnies  and Hotel HQ Brisbane)
  • FREE Aus Comedy Discount Card. 2 for 1 tickets across Australia
  • FREE Graduation Performance DVD
  • FREE  QLD/SA/VIC/SYD/ACT Open Mic Clubs and Competition booking Info

Our New 1-day Intro to Stand up Comedy Course includes:

  • A quick insight into Stand up Comedy
  • Quick writing tips to get you started
  • Proper mic etiquette and pointers to make sure you're always heard clearly
  •  Bombing on stage and why its good
  • Understanding the different Comedic Styles and where u will fit in
  • What is an assembly line comic?
  • What are the  several types of comedic performers?
  • $50 credit towards our complete courses in Syd, SA / Brisb/Perth/ or Melb
  • FREE Aus Comedy Discount Card. 2 for 1 tickets across Australia
  •  Free refreshments (Tea and Coffee) Syd/WA/VIC/QLD/SA/ACT

But wait, there's more ! Each student that completes the 4 or 5 week complete course will perform live, in front of a paying audience. This performance will be taped and professionally edited into a DVD ($100 value Free of Charge). This DVD can be used for promotional purposes to kick start your new or present career ! (excludes Intro to stand up course)

Bonus for  ALL 2016 students: Free Aus Comedy Discount Card Click Here for info

$24.99 Value! Use this Card Across Australia and USA for 2 for 1 tickets at your favourite Comedy Clubs

Sydney 2013 Comedy Class Melb Comedy School 2013Adelaide Comedy School 2014

Hey, learning stand up can be funny, and fun but please be aware, the instructors take this industry very seriously, there will be homework, daily practice tips for home, several performances of your routine in class and a final exam plus live performances at graduation. Please check to see if this course won't conflict with your current schedule and Commitments. If buying this course as a gift, please check to see if the person will have time needed to take this course.

Next Course dates:  New for 2016: Bring a friend discounts

Sydney Star Bar Location (1 day)  Intro to Stand up Course: Oct 22nd, 2016 12 noon-4pm

Star Bar Location -5 week Complete Course:  Sat , Nov 5th - Dec 3rd 2016  (12noon or 3pm course-) or

Wed Night Course, Nov 9th -  30th, 6:30pm evening course-4 weeks , 2016

Sydney  Graduation Ceremonies -    Dec 4th, 2016

Canberra   The Griffin Centre- Nov 6th-10th, 2016 ( NEW Location-5 day)

Melbourne 5 Day Complete Course: Nov 20th - 24th  2016  Sun-Thur  6:30pm-9:30pm /  Melb Graduation Ceremony, Nov 24th , 7:30pm

Adelaide  5 Day Complete Course:  Nov 13th-17th, 2016  Sun - Thursday  6:30pm-9:30pm  Final SA Course of 2016!

Adelaide Graduation Ceremony,  Nov 17th,2016  

PERTH -  5 Day Complete Course- Feb 12th-16th, 2017- Grad nite Feb 16th  w/ Live Perth Festival Gig @ Metro Concert City 6:30pm

Brisbane  5 Day Complete Course:  Oct 30th - Nov 3rd ,2016  Sun - Thursday  6:30pm-9:30pm  Graduation Ceremony,  Nov 3rd. Live Gig at Best Western Astor Metropole Hotel plus 2 more!   This is the Final QLD Course of 2016 . Special Brisb Course Offer"Bring a Friend For Free" Oct 30th Course only! Save $475 bucks!* conditions apply


The Australian school of stand up comedy course runs in Sydney/ Perth for 1 day /  4 or 5 weeks, Saturdays 12 noon - 2:30 pm or 3pm - 5:30pm or Wed nights 6:30-9:30pm or 1 day Intro course (  Sat 12noon-4pm) . Our Melbourne / Adelaide / Brisbane / Canberra / Perth schools offer a 5 day complete Industry course (6:30-9:30pm).(Gift vouchers for all courses / all cities available HERE) 

5 plus 5 Training program: comedy Pitfalls / Traps, Writing & Inside Performance Secrets


The Intro to Stand up Comedy  1 day Course

  This (5 day) or 4 or 5-week stand up comedy course will get you on the fast track of stand up comedy. Covering writing and stage techniques to prepare you for the spot light ! How to develop a solid 3-5 minute comedy routine based upon any and all topics ! Plus as an added bonus, all graduating students will get to perform live and will receive an edited DVD of their performance, Plus our students get the chance to perform at other comedy nights such as Quick, Some Comedy and Comedy for Lunch, and now in Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Shows, soon venues in Brisbane and Canberra as well ! We don't believe in giving our students just 1 place to perform. The more places, the faster and better you'll get ! Bonus for 2016  All students receive The Aus Comedy Discount Card. Get 2 for 1 tickets at Comedy Clubs across Australia!  

Cost: All 2016 prices

1 day course is $220.00  (Sydney/ACT). Perth $235

New  for 2016: Bring a Friend Discounts


Sydney 5 week Course

Early Bird-$394.99 (SYD)

Regular Price-$469.99

Canberra 5 Day Course

Early Bird-$374.99

Regular Price- $449.00

New  for 2016: Bring a Friend Discounts

Incls Tea and   Coffee__________________

Melb  5 day Course

Early Bird-$394.99

Regular Price-$459.99

New  for 2016: Bring a Friend Discounts

Incls Tea and Coffee




1 day course is $235.00  

5 day Course

Early Bird-$394.99

 Regular Price-$470.00

 Incls Tea and Coffee

New : Bring a Friend Discounts

Includes : Live Perth Festival 2017 Gig


Adelaide  5 day Complete Course

Early Bird-$374.99-$399.99

Regular Price-$439.99 -$459.99

New  for 2016: Bring a Friend Discounts

Incls Tea and Coffee


Brisb  5 day Course- includes live Qld/Syd Gigs

Now booking

Oct 30th-Nov 3rd, 2016

Early Bird-$374.99

Regular Price-$439.99

Oct course only: Bring a Friend for FREE "Save $475.00" 2 for 1 

Early booking discounts:

Book and pay early  (at least 3-6 weeks prior to start of class) to receive our early bird price savings of $50-$100.00 bucks off our regular course prices. These seats are limited and sell out fast. 

All courses (excluding our 1 day courses) include our 5 plus 5 program (5-weeks work experience+ 5 weeks Classroom or Melbourne 5 days + 2 live work experience Graduation Ceremony + club gig )

Free DVD of your first performance

and all students receive a FREE Aus Comedy Discount Card plus Comp Teas and Coffee



 5 days, plus live work experience gig at the Adelaide Fringe  or Perth Fest 2017. Coming soon Canberra Comedy festival

Note: Once booked, ALL Regular priced Comedy school bookings are transferable to the very next course (excludes WA and Intro course) in case you can't attend and need to change dates. At-least 72 hours prior notice must be given. Discounted Early bird prices are not transferable. Note: You must attend all classes to eligible for work experience. NOTE: Intro to stand up  comedy 1  day course does not include DVD or work experience.

Note. If you want to check out our graduates plus other guest comics performing live and talk to the instructors, be at the next graduation ceremony "Check our bookings page for next Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide/Brisb / Perth graduation dates". Admission $20.00 (on line price) or $28 at the door (open to the public but book early, Friends and Family fill the room up fast). "See new up and coming comics and loads of seasoned pro's special guest". Sydney  Star Bar Comedy Theatre 600 George Street or  Melbourne - Ether Conference Centre 265-281  Little Bourke St (CBD -VIC) or Adelaide -Miller Business Centre, Hindley St. City CBD. Brisbane-Best Western Astor Metropole Hotel 193-197 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane City QLD 4000. Canberra - The Griffin Centre G.07/20 Genge Street CANBERRA. Perth - PENSIONE HOTEL 70 Pier Street Perth

Phone 02 9547-2578 if u have questions about our courses or locations

          Australia's School of Stand Up Comedy Complete Course will show you:

  • The 11 steps of writing funny material
  • Step by step joke writing techniques.
  • How to polish your performance (7 industry secrets)
  • Avoiding the 5 major comedy pitfalls / traps
  • How to develop and market your own stage persona
  • What are the 7 types of comedic styles?
  • Bombing and why it's good for comics
  • The 4 types of performers (which are you?)
  • Educational vintage and current DVD footage of Comedians and classic stand up routines
  • Comedy tips and pointers to get your foot in door and keep it there!
  • List and supply contact details of All Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide/ Brisbane/ Perth Comedy Club Venues to practice and perfect your new or (old for some) trade.
  • DVD Footage of Former Graduates in Action across Australia!.
  • Instructions and tips from some of Sydneys/, Melbournes, Brisbanes Canberra, Perth and Adelaide's hottest award winning comics!

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