Although our main objective at BonkerZ Comedy Clubs is to make u laugh, we also realize that not everything is funny and/or should be made fun of.

Considering our current situation, Benjamin Franklin once said:

“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”

BonkerZ Comedy Club Supports the Women’s March 4 Justice, Black Lives Matter Movement, a Fair Trail for Julian Assange & The Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Living Initiative.

To our Customers, Comics and Supporters,

BonkerZ Comedy Club is proud to support these movements for justice and equality. As an African American club owner, the Black Lives Matter movement is particularly dear to me, unfortunately I have dealt with systemic racism and discrimination, both inside and outside of the comedy industry for over a decade. I truly believe or at least hope all promoters, club owners and festival organizers are working towards a goal of equality and fair treatment for everyone, regardless of one’s race, creed, gender or religious belief. We thank Australian Comedian / Director ” Josh Thomas for his honesty about what really goes on inside the industry when it  pertains to minorities.  or the recent “Lack of Diversity” article published on  and Racism on Neighbor’s TV Show. We will always shine a light on racist statements and actions taken by people like  Mark Wahlberg, Liam Neeson and even Hulk Hogan (With Chris Hemsworth (Thor) set to play him in an up and coming movie, this should be interesting. I wonder if they will include these scenes?). For us, 14 years later after our opening, we are still here and that’s due to determination, perseverance, some supportive professional comedians and the best audiences in the world. Currently, we are Sydney’s longest consecutively running Comedy Club. Upon opening our club, the main objective was to give everyone Men and Women (Open Mikers/Semi Pro and Pro Comics) an equal opportunity to perform in a professional environment  including minorities who are often overlooked, ignored and even marginalized. For over a decade, our websites images have always shown diversity in the comedy community. We know, as a minority, seeing someone who looks like you, makes it that much easier for you to say “I can do this too”. Our support will always be with those that are silenced, ignored, incarcerated at alarming rates, injured and even murdered based just upon the color of their skin or their gender. Anyone that believes all people of all races, creeds and colors shouldn’t be treated fairly, equal and just, “strictly because of the color of their skin and their gender”, is a part of the problem and not the solution. We mourn with the families of Cassius Turvey, David Dungay Jnr, George Floyd, Sean Rigg and lets not forget Australian Julian Assange plus many many many more. We should all strive to give everyone equal opportunities, equal justice and equal respect. We thank you for reading this. BonkerZ Comedy Clubs Australia

Thanks for supporting the arts and we wish you all happiness and health in these trying times.

For over 10 years, we’ve supported the Fred Hollows Foundation for the amazing work that they do around the world, we’ve also raised funds for the Rural Fire service of NSW and for the family of Cassus Turvey. We’re also very passionate about health and animal welfare.

Below are links we believe, are an example of a few of those serious topics. We didn’t write the articles, we just found them to be interesting.  Just something to think about.

1. Processed Meat and its links to Cancer.

The first link is from the Australian Cancer Councils Website, this version, compared to the first version we saw on their site (which we could no longer find), seems to be watered down a bit.

This link, still from Cancer Council Australia, explains it a bit better.

This link offers the World Health Organizations (WHO) findings, takes the topic a bit more serious and offers alternative views

Must Watch cancer linked to Meat video

2. Animal Cruelty (another perspective)

FYI: 3 Billion animals are slaughtered every year worldwide for meat. According to Ken Cook, president of the environmental working group(USA), he says and I quote” 70% of land for agriculture is being used for meat production, almost 1/3 of the entire surface area. That many acres producing pork, lamb. beef and chicken is completely unsustainable, If you assume the world population will grow to 9 billion people by 2050, there isn’t enough land, water and capacity for the earth’s atmosphere to absorb all the C02 and methane that would come out of the agriculture” unquote.

Look at this: According to Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME)

To produce

1 kilo of beef you need 15,415 litres of water (serves 3 – 4)

1 kilo of Sheep you need 10,412 litres of water (serves 3 – 4)

1 kilo of Chicken you need 4,325 litres of water (serves 3 – 4)

1 kilo of Rice you need 2,497 litres of water (serves 25 people)

1 kilo of  (dry) Pasta you need 1,849 litres of water (serves 12 people)

1 kilo of Apples you need 822 litres of water ( feeds roughly up to 6 people)

1 kilo of Banana you need 790 litres of water ( feeds roughly up to 7 people)

1 kilo of Potato you need 287 litres of water ( feeds roughly up to 8 people)

1 kilo of Tomatoes you need 214 litres of water ( feeds roughly up to 12-15 people)

The image and link below may give  you another perspective about defining what animal cruelty really is ( this was an RSPCA fundraiser)

Dr Michael Gregor has warned an apocalyptic virus from chicken farms could wipe out half of the world’s population.

He said that diseases in poultry pose a greater risk to humanity than coronavirus, the Mirror reports.

Gregor made the prediction in his book ‘How To Survive A Pandemic’, saying that our dependence on eating meat leaves the world vulnerable to a pandemic happening again.

On a lighter note:

1 of our favourite shops is located in Glebe NSW. 83 Glebe Point Road

The Cruelty Free Shop is Australia’s favourite purveyor of everything vegan. They bring you the widest range of vegan products including food, health, fashion, beauty, and household items. I love this place and you will to. I suggest giving yourself plenty of time to look around, you’ll be surprised to see how many different Vegetarian and Vegan products there are. You can even order online  through their website if you can’t make it into the Cruelty Free Supermarket. Enjoy and tell them Donte Sent ya! P.s Sign up for the loyalty rewards program and earn lots of free stuff.

3. FYI- Alcohol kills 2.5 million People a year around the world 

4. FYI- Tobacco will kill 1 Billion People in the next century

5. Check this out- Died Suddenly

6. Check out my list of people National and International who have died suddenly (Started on Jan 25th, 2023)

Thanks for your time. Stay safe, healthy and think smart.