Although our main objective at Bonkerz Comedy Clubs is to make u laugh, we also realize that not everything is funny and/or should be made fun of.

For over 8 years, we’ve supported the Fred Hollows Foundation for the amazing work that they do around the world, we’re also very passionate about health and animal welfare.

Below are links we believe, are an example of a few of those serious topics. We didn’t write the articles, we just found them to be interesting.  Just something to think about.


1. Processed Meat and its links to Cancer.

The first link is from the Australian Cancer Councils Website, this version, compared to the first version we saw on their site (which we could no longer find), seems to be watered down a bit.


This link, still from Cancer Council Australia, explains it a bit better.


This link offers the World Health Organizations (WHO) findings, takes the topic a bit more serious and offers alternative views


2. Animal Cruelty (another perspective)

This link gives you another perspective about defining what animal cruelty really is (you’ll never look at another fundraiser, the same way again)


Thanks for your time.