Australia’s School of Stand up Comedy with locations in SYD, VIC, SA and ACT. Now Booking our final 2022 courses now. The dates listed in each city are the final dates of 2022. 2023 dates announced Nov or Dec.  Sign up and pay no fees or sign up, pay now and get an instant $100-$200 discount!

We will of course be doing our best to insure a safe and healthy environment.

We’ve taken this time to add more industry information to our current curriculum and workbooks. We’re back, bigger, badder, smarter and better! Limited seating only so book now. We do ask if you have booked and are not feeling well close to date of class, to stay home and notify us. We will arrange for you to attend another class once you are better.

Australia’s # 1 and most respected, School of Stand-up Comedy with locations in SYD, VIC, SA and ACT is celebrating their 11th year of professional stand-up comedy training. All Complete Industry Course seats, in all cities, are $599.99 ( Get an instant $100 off when you sign up and pay now Plus The Big Laughs Package is now included Free with every course booking, this includes Graduation recording of your performance, 2 free tickets to give away to the show, Custom Aus comedy school joke Notebook and Pen set, Graduation Certificate  plus work experience at several clubs) That’s right, All courses in all cities. This includes our 4/5 day courses. (Our live 1 day intro course Sydney is only $124.99 or The online Intro course 101 is only $49.99 for limited time only! It’s just our way of saying thanks for making us Australia’s # 1 Stand-up comedy school. Unlike some schools, just our name alone, proves we’re serious about professional stand-up comedy training. Lots of great things, happening in 2022 including the release of our New Advance Stand up Course, Our New online Intro Course  Stand up comedy book and our New Self Service “Change your course date”  , Plus The Big Laughs Package is now included Free with every course booking. Keep reading and hope to see u in class!

Want the ins and outs of the biz before you take the comedy leap? Check out Donte’s new books

“So you wanna be a Stand up Comic?”

“15 things to consider before and during”



” How not to lose money at Fringe and Comedy Festivals”

Money saving tips from the owner of BonkerZ Comedy Clubs and Aus School of Stand up Comedy with tips and pointers from several Australian Comics and Promoters!

Click here to get your copies. Delivered or pick up in class.


Now with Lot’s and Lot’s of New Stuff, including longer and larger classes, more industry info, real time student video filming, more stage practice time and instructors! Keep reading!


Complete Industry Comedy Course:

  • Where and How to find and write great material
  • 3 things that guarantee Promoters/Club Owners will give you more spots (New for 2022)
  • Step by step joke writing techniques
  • Fine tuning and sharpening your performance skills, Comedy Pitfalls & Traps.
  • Proper mic etiquette and pointers to make sure you’re always heard clearly
  • Branding (How important is it and how to increase it for free)  New for 2022
  • Avoiding the 5 major comedy pitfalls / traps
  • Educational vintage and current DVD footage of Comedians and classic stand up routines
  • Improv vs Stand up. Pros & Cons and exercises to help master them both
  • Finding Your On Stage Persona, Stand up Tips and insider secrets, List of Comic Venues in Syd / Vic / Canberra to perfect your trade.
  • Understanding the different Comedic Styles and where u will fit in
  • What is an assembly line comic?
  • Comedy tips and pointers to get your foot in door and keep it there!
  • What are the  several types of comedic performers?
  •  What are comics paid? (New for 2022)
  • Pros and Cons of festivals (New for 2022)
  • Footage of former graduates in action across Australia
  • Optional graduation performance
  • Getting past your stage fear
  • Bombing on stage and why it’s good
  • Our 5 plus 3 program ( 4/5 Days classroom Training and 2/3 live work experience gigs for graduates)
  • 5 different stand up comedy shows to perfect your comedic styles (BonkerZ and $10 Dollar Comedy Clubs -Sydney, Adelaide & Perth Fringe 2018, Themed shows across the country i.e 20 Comics in 60 mins, 10 Comics for $10 bucks, Battle of the Comic sexes etc etc
  • Instructions and tips from some of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide’s hottest award winning comics!
  • Now you can select A Certificate of Completion (if U only want to learn the theory) or a Graduation Certificate (If u want to perform live with work experience)Choose your Grad Package Here
  • Optional Professional Graduation Performance on DVD or USB
  • FREE  VIC/SYD/ACT/SA Open Mic Clubs and Competition booking Info
  • FREE refreshments (Tea and Coffee) SYD/VIC/ACT/SA
  • New – We’ve added 2 1/2 hrs more to each course! Now over 15hrs (Longest in the country with grad pack)
  • New – More instructors from USA, NZ, Aus and The UK (Male and Female over 35 Total years of experience- Only 1 School offers this)
  • New – In class filming and playback each day, to help improve and sharpen your skills instantly. (The first and only school to offer this)
  • New – New locations in Canberra
  • New – Larger Classes and More instructors
  • New – The JHC “It helps improve your memory”
  • We highly recommend performing at graduation, it will be the most supportive and best audience you will have to start off. 

All Complete Industry Comedy Courses include our 5 plus 3 program (2-3 Live Club Gigs in our established Sydney Comedy Clubs + 4 or 5 Days Classroom)

Option of a professional DVD or USB of your first performance.

Note: Once Dates are confirmed, courses are non-refundable and non transferable  with change of mind, no show or pulling out of class. 

Gift Vouchers are non-refundable, Non transferable not redeemable for cash and not valid after expiry date

You must attend and be on time for all classes to eligible for graduation certificate and work experience. Arriving the first day with your assigned homework assignment is imperative.

Note: If you want to check out our graduates plus other guest comics performing live and talk to the instructors, be at the next graduation ceremony.

Click here for Graduation Show tickets and Info.

It’s open to the public but book early, Friends and Family fill the room up fast). “See new up and coming comics and loads of seasoned pro’s & special guests”.

But wait, there’s more !

Each student that completes the complete course, now has the option of receiving just a certificate of completion or to perform live (several times), in front of a paying audience. This performance will be recorded and a download link will be provided. This performance can be used for promotional purposes to kick start your new or present career ! (Excludes Intro to stand up course) Click to see Grad Package

Hey, learning stand up can be funny, and fun but please be aware, the instructors take this industry very seriously, there will be homework, daily practice tips for home, several performances of your routine in class and a final exam plus live performances at graduation. We don’t recommend showing up the first day without your assigned Homework assignment, we will just send you home to return the next day. Our main objective is to make you the best comic we can, we make it fun but we’re not Club Med and because of this, our grads are the who’s who on the comedy scene NOTE: We don’t write your jokes for you or offer to pay you before you have paid your dues with lots of stage experience and practice. Oh and  because we run several comedy clubs and rooms in Sydney, all students from Syd, ACT, VIC and SA, are guaranteed a spot in one or all of our Sydney Clubs, which could also lead to paid work in Sydney and Adelaide Festivals. (Just notify us a minimum of 2 weeks prior to visiting Sydney to Guarantee your spot(s)

Please check to see if this course won’t conflict with your current work or school schedule and Commitments. If it does, we recommend not booking at this time. Best to wait till you have the time. To received Grad Certificates and Work Experience gigs, you must attend all; classes If buying this course as a gift, please check to see if the person will have time needed to take this course.

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Aus School of Stand up Comedy’s Advance Comedy Course (APEC) Performance Enhancement Course 

Australia’s # 1 comedy school introduces the next phase in stand up comedy, APEC (Advance Performance Enhancement Course) This course moves you to the next level of stand up comedy, taught by veterans of the comedy industry. This advance 2 day (8 hour) course will consist of 3 instructors per day, each covering topics they specialise in. This course will cover:

  1. Audience ad-libbing (How to Master it)
  2. Joke Structure & Editing
  3. Fine tuning what your audience remembers, your on stage persona
  4. Call Backs. “Whats the secret?’
  5. The 2 set theory “ G-rated & R-rated”
  6. Hecklers “Learn to fight back in our punishment arena”
  7. Festivals – How, when and where to do them. How not to lose money and which to avoid.

Note: This course is not for beginners. All instructors will expect you to have more than basic stage skills or knowledge of the industry. This course will not being going backwards, only forward. If you are fairly new or have less then 1 1/2 years of steady stage experience, we don’t recommend this course, If you don’t already have a few years of  experience already, may we suggest doing our 5 day or 5 week complete industry course first, get 1 1/2 years of steady stage time under your belt, then look at taking this course.

Check Course Dates & Book Now –  Sydney Advance Performance Enhancement Course (APEC)


1-day Intro to Stand up Comedy Course (live) or Online:

  • A quick insight into Stand up Comedy
  • What’s a comic set? How long should it be to start?
  • Proper mic etiquette and pointers to make sure you’re always heard clearly
  • Bombing on stage. What is it? And why it’s good?
  • Understanding the different Comedic Styles and where u will fit in
  • What is an assembly line comic?
  • What are the building blocks of writing joke

NOTE: Intro to stand up comedy 1 day course does not include DVD or work experience.

Check Course Dates & Book Now –  Sydney Intro to Stand Up Comedy Course

Intro to Stand up Comedy 101 Online Course- Click here


Course Locations:

SydneyAgincourt Hotel – 871 George Street, Sydney, 2000

MelbourneIBIS Melbourne Hotel and Apartments  15 Therry Street – Melbourne VIC 3000 – Australia

Adelaide – Miller Apartments Business Centre – 16 Hindley Street, Adelaide,  5000

Canberra – Canberra Apartment Hotel 2 Akuna street, Canberra ACT 2601

Phone 02 9547 2578 if u have questions about our courses or locations

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