BonkerZ Rural Fire Service Fundraising Night Results

 Thanks to all who helped us raise much needed funds for the Rural Fire Service of NSW! Thanks to Comedians Jamal Abdul, Alex White, Sam Menzies, Patrick Golamco and Skinny Dave Noble for the laughs and their time and of course to the best audiences in the whole wide world! You can still donate via the link below

Donate direct to the Rural Fire Service Here


BonkerZ Comedy Club Black Lives Matter Announcement:

To our Customers, Comics and Supporters,

The comedy club community are proud to support the world wide “Black Lives Matter” movement. As an African American club owner, the movement is particularly dear to me, unfortunately I have dealt with systemic racism and discrimination, both inside and outside of the comedy industry for over a decade. I truly believe or at least hope all promoters, club owners and festival organizers are working towards a goal of equality and fair treatment for everyone, regardless of one’s race, creed or religious belief. We thank Australian Comedian / Director ” Josh Thomas for his honesty about what really goes on inside the industry when it  pertains to minorities.  or the recent “Lack of Diversity” article published on  13 years later after our opening, we are still here and that’s due to determination, perseverance, some supportive professional comedians and the best audiences in the world. Upon opening our club, the main objective was to give everyone (Open Mikers/Semi Pro and Pro Comics) an equal opportunity to perform in a professional environment  including minorities who are often overlooked, ignored and even marginalized. For over a decade, our websites images have always shown diversity in the comedy community. We know, as a minority, seeing someone who looks like you, makes it that much easier for you to say “I can do this to”. We of course realize in a perfect world “All lives matter” but taking into consideration the current climate in the UK, USA, Australia and other cities, we know, a lot of times the current system is far from being fair or perfect. Our support will always be with those that are silenced, ignored, incarcerated at alarming rates, injured and even murdered based just upon the color of their skin. Anyone that believes all people of all races, creeds and colors shouldn’t be treated fairly, equal and just, “strictly because of the color of their skin”, is a part of the problem and not the solution. We mourn with the families of David Dungay Jnr, George Floyd, Sean Rigg and lets not forget Julian Assange plus many many many more. We should all strive to give everyone equal opportunities, equal justice and equal respect.

Thanks for supporting the arts and we wish you all happiness and health in these trying times.

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BonkerZ Comedy Clubs Presents:

20 Comics in 60 Mins 2 for 1 Double Comedy Slam!

Coming Back soon!

20 Comics in 60 Mins 2 for 1 Comedy Slam is back!. Bigger, Better and funnier than ever. All front 3 rows and VIP seats are buy 1 get 1 free. Join Comics from the UK, USA, Australia, Asia and beyond for a night of international laughs and just plain zany stuff. Hosted by USA’s Donte D12 shows, 1 Day only only,  + 15 with paying legal Adult supervisor  Celebrating our 13th year of Stand up Comedy Fun”. 

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BonkerZ Comedy Clubs Presents:

Battle of The Comic Sexes M vs F

The Battle will be back soon!

It’s our first Battle of the Comic Sexes M vs F of 2020. Oh yeah it’s on again and with buy 1 get 1 free seating. We’ve taken 8 comedians, 4 very funny ladies and put them up against 4 very funny guys and let them have at it in the boxing ring of comedy”.

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