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NOTE: Due to the current situation, all local and national courses are on hold but we will return. We’re taking this time to update and improve our course curriculums, flipcharts and workbooks with new and updated information such as: The question of  money in stand up comedy. Who, what, when and how much and Festivals, to do or not to do. Pros and cons and how to do them successfully. + Comic Branding (My name is my fame) plus much more. Book now for our “Back to School, Back to business” special deal. Save 50% off (Syd) and 40% off (Act/Vic/Sa) our regular complete course prices across the country for our 1st returning course only. Normally $299.99. You can now get Syd for only $149.99 and Act/Sa/Vic for only $179.99. First come first served only. We guesstimate somewhere between Aug-Sept. Limited seats so reserve your seats now and be ready to hit the stages! Conditions apply. Only for the 1st return class only. Non-transferable and non-refundable

We will of course be doing our best to insure a safe environment with all seats in our classrooms disinfected before & after each class, (Optional) face mask & gloves plus plenty of hand sanitizer and 1.5 meter spacing.

Since 2008, we’ve trained more men and women to be stand up comics, than all the other stand up schools combined. We’re the school, the others schools, gets their ideas from and that’s because, we don’t just run a school, we also own and operate comedy clubs in Sydney plus themed shows across the country. Our students are the most respected graduates in the country. Why? Results, that’s why. We didn’t become the #1 school in Australia because we were the easiest. We don’t write your jokes, we show you how to do it yourself and we don’t pay you before you have the experience, stage time and a solid 15-20 mins of tested material to sustain it. Remember (as Donte’ always says) “It’s your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude”!

Several of our graduates have made it to the top 3 in the Televised Raw Comedy Completions in Melbourne i.e Ivy Latimore, Billy D’arcy and Katie Burch (Melbourne Comedy Festival- we believe they were robbed, they should have won). Other graduates have performed and are regulars at The Comedy Store (Sydney), such as Billy D’arcy, WAKA and Andrew Barnett. Several have performed on (AGT) Australia’s Got TalentBill Ledingham” and “JOE White” to name a few.

Other graduates have gone on to win 20 local and national comedy competitions and perform at every Comedy and Fringe Festival across the country. Some graduates like “ Joe White” have headlined and toured each major Australian city plus Canada and is a regular at the Comics lounge In Melb. He’s an occasional guest instructor for another Melbourne comedy school, which was also started by one of our former graduates as well as a special guest instructor at our Melb school.

Another one of our former graduates “Kevin Mcisaac”,  has gone on to do several TV Commercials like Dimetapp and KFC and Frida Deguise, one of Australia’s first Muslim comedian, who now has her own traveling solo show. An extremely funny Japanese Comic named WAKA, tours Australia and Japan. Other Graduates to look out for are Jamal Abdul ( Raw Competition State Finalist & Stand up and be counted competition winner) , Michele Betts ( Picked up by A-list management shortly after graduating) and KABBA (A regularly  featured Comic in shows, Corporate and Charity events). We’ve also been asked to supply comics and audiences for  ‘Minute to win it’, Just for Laughs, Dave Hughes TV Show, ‘Family Feud’, ‘The Observer Effect’ (SBS), A new Fox studios production for Amazon Prime starring Rebel Wilson and ‘Studio 10’ and so on and so on. Heck, we’ve even trained one of  TV’s Housewives of Melbourne (try to guess which one)

We don’t record and upload our graduates performing to Google, true professionals know that immediately dates their material and makes it old and unusable again. We only record our graduates, live in class, for training and review purposes, and then we record their actual live graduation show, which each student gets a professionally edited copy of the show for their own personal use. Also watching someone in a video clip is not the same as watching them live.

We do however, love and are very proud of the fact that other schools and some of our former students who have started their own schools, (The founder of School of Hard Knocks in Melb for example) study what we do and have gone on to make the Stand up comedy teaching industry, more structured and better organized. The fact that our students have gone on to start their own schools and even use some of our graduates to teach, means that after 10 years, we’re still the # 1 School in the country.

With locations in VIC/SYD/ACT/SA, this course was designed to take you step by step into the mind and world of the stand up comic. Some schools claim you can’t teach stand up comedy. Thats a myth. Stand up comedy is a method in it’s own right. That method can be taught (i.e Microphone technique, stage presence, delivery, timing etc etc) . Teaching someone to be funny is another thing altogether.

How does our school differ from other schools? Not only is our school the largest in the country, our instructors are from around the world, (USA/NZ/UK/Africa/Asia and Aus) we just don’t prepare you for your local area, our curriculum prepares you for Local, National and International performances. The art of user friendly performances differ in Australia, USA, The UK and even Asia.


Courses are now offered twice a year in VIC / ACT /SA and 5 times a year in Sydney. Note: Only 8 students per class. We prefer Quality over quantity.

Now with Lot’s and Lot’s of New Stuff, including longer and larger classes, more industry info, real time student video filming, more stage practice time and instructors! Our New Advance Course  includes a Free Custom Joke Notebook and Pen set plus check out our new Stand up Comedy Book.

Not sure if stand up comedy is for you? May we suggest a small investment of $19.99 + shipping first, before taking the big plunge into one of our national courses or if you are sure it’s for U, start to prepare now, get our latest  book,written by the founder

“So you wanna be stand up comic?”

15 things to consider before and during.

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