“If your Venue is quiet, and it don’t look good, who ya gonna call?”

BonkerZ Comedy Circuit In your Venue for $0 Dollars*

BonkerZ Comedy Circuit & Clubs!!

With BonkerZ Comedy Clubs, we come to you. We can supply 1 – 5 of the funniest stand up comics and MC’s this side of the Gold coast, for 30, 60 or 90 minute shows, with or without a DJ (adding a DJ enhances the night and fills the air with movement).                  

BonkerZ Comedy Circuits!

With BonkerZ Comedy Clubs, we can transform any room into an instant stand up comedy club. BonkerZ is one the most recognized comedy brands in the city and was the only club selected by Mastercard to be featured in their International Priceless Campaign. We have supplied comics for events to Telstra, HSBC, The Asteron Group, Liverpool Catholic Club, Australian Army and The Agincourt Hotel to name a few. We can supply 1 – 5 of the funniest pro stand up comics and MC’s this side of the Gold coast, for a 1 off or weekly or monthly, 30, 60 or 90 minute show.. When it comes to live entertainment, A professional Stand up comedy show is EASY. It’s Easy to Host and Present (we only need a stage and a Mic). It’s Easy sell to your current and future customers. It’s EASY to market and Promote (We promote it with paid social media ads and to our over 1000 Facebook, Tumbler & Instagram Followers) Plus, who doesn’t like to laugh? It’s also EASY to reach a broader and larger market.

Have a Club, Pub, Tavern, Hotel or Casino and would like to have a one off, weekly or monthly regular stand up comedy night? Contact us and find out how we can put together a 90 min show for your venue at $0* Cost. WOW! (* Conditions apply-depends on frequency) Our clients report a profit increase of 25 – 40% (Based upon normal nights takings, this also varies based upon day of the week selected for shows. The quieter the night normally is, the higher the increase in profit when u add live comedy) 

Why not spice it up with great laughs, great music and if u come to us, great food.

With  BonkerZ Comedy Circuit ” If you want just comedy, call the other guys, but if you want a comedy show for your customers, U gotta go BonkerZ!”

ALSO, if you’re not looking for the same old corporate event? Why not spice it up with a 30 min Comedy Show with great laughs and great music. Give us a call at 02 9547 2578 or enquire below for a quote.

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