Course Dates:

Feb 22nd-March 21st ( 5 week / 1 day a week. Sat 1pm-4pm- SOLD OUT)

March 29th-April 2nd (5 Day complete course. Sun-Thur 6:30pm-9:30pm)

May 17th-21st (5 Day complete course. Sun-Thur 6:30pm-9:30pm)

May 30th-June 27th ( 5 week / 1 day a week. Sat 1pm-4pm )

Booking Deadline: 10 days prior to course start (Or when sold out)

Discount price is Non-refundable, Non Transferable and Expires 3 weeks before the course starts or when sold out.

Regular Price is Non refundable but transferable to the next course date if u need to cancel.

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Now in our ’10th Year’  Book early and Save!

NOTE: If you have a disability or are in a wheelchair, you must notify us prior to booking via our contact us page to find out if we have facilities for you, your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Venue: Sydney’s Star Bar Comedy Theatre

Note for the time being, all Sydney course are still running and available. You may book for these courses now online. All other courses in SA/VIC and Act are on hold until travel restrictions and govt conditions are lifted. Our courses are only small (max 8 people). Our Sydney Comedy Theatre is large enough to space all students 2 to 3 meters apart for health purposes. We do ask if you have booked and are not feeling well close to date of class, to stay home and notify us. We will arrange for you to attend another class once you are better.


5 Day courses: Sunday – Thursday, 6:30pm- 9:30pm (Feb 16th-20th,2020 / Last 5 day course at special $199.99)

5 Week / 1 day per week courses :  Saturday, 1pm – 4pm (Feb 22nd – March 21st,2020/ SOLD OUT)

5 Day courses: Sunday – Thursday, 6:30pm- 9:30pm (March 29th- April 2nd,2020)

5 Week / 1 day per week courses :  Saturday, 1pm – 4pm (May 30th- June 27th ,2020)

Australia’s School of Stand Up Comedy Complete Course will show you:

  • The 11 steps of writing funny material
  • Step by step joke writing techniques.
  • How to polish your performance (7 industry secrets)
  • Avoiding the 5 major comedy pitfalls / traps
  • How to develop and market your own stage persona
  • What are the 7 types of comedic styles?
  • Bombing and why it’s good for comics
  • The 4 types of performers (which are you?)
  • Educational vintage and current DVD footage of Comedians and classic stand up routines
  • Comedy tips and pointers to get your foot in door and keep it there!
  • List and supply contact details of All Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide/ Brisbane/ Perth Comedy Club
  • Venues to practice and perfect your new or (old for some) trade.
  • DVD Footage of Former Graduates in Action across Australia!.
  • Instructions and tips from some of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and Adelaide’s hottest award winning comics!
  • Student Filming of your class performance and played back each day for study and on the spot improvement tips.
  • How to improve your memory with the JHC
  • Several live gigs in Syd, Melb, Canberra and Adelaide + Live Graduation Show

Hey, learning stand up can be funny, and fun but please be aware, the instructors take this industry very seriously, there will be homework, daily practice tips for home, several performances of your routine in class and a final exam plus live performances at graduation. If your schedule is busy, we don’t recommend taking this course now, wait until you have the time.

Note: ALL Regular Comedy school prices once paid are transferable to the next course date if you need to change or can’t attend. At-least 72 hours prior notice (before course starting date) must be given.

We highly recommend performing at graduation, it will be the most supportive and best audience you will have to start off. 

Now on sale “So you wanna be a stand up comic” Book from Aus Comedy School founder Donte D’one

Please read terms and conditions on checkout page before booking.

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Course Ticket

May 17th-21st, 2020 Discounted Ends 26/4/2020, Feb 22nd-March 21st, 2020 SOLD OUT, Mar 29-Apr 2, 2020 – DISCOUNTED Sold OUT, Mar 29-Apr 2, 2020 – REGULAR, May 30th- June 27th, 2020 Discount SOLD OUT

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