Course Dates: March 21st and 28th (1pm-5pm)
Booking Deadline: 10 days prior to course start (Or when sold out)

Discount price of $299.99 is Non-refundable, Non Transferable and Expires 3 weeks before the course starts.

Regular Price of $349.99 is Non refundable but transferable to the next course date if u need to cancel.

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Advance Performance Enhancement Course (APEC)

Australia’s # 1 comedy school introduces the next phase in stand up comedy, APEC (Advance Performance Enhancement Course) This course moves you to the next level of stand up comedy, taught by veterans of the comedy industry. This advance 2 day (8 hour) course will consist of 3 instructors per day, each covering topics they specialise in. This course will cover:

  1. Audience ad-libing (How to Master it)
  2. Joke Structure & Editing
  3. Fine tuning what your audience remembers, your on stage persona
  4. Call Backs. “Whats the secret?’
  5. The 2 set theory “ G-rated & R-rated”
  6. Hecklers “Learn to fight back in our punishment arena”
  7. Festivals – How, when and where to do them. How not to lose money and which to avoid.
  8. Ethics- (The taboos of joke and routine stealing) in an unregulated industry


Note: This course is not for beginners. All instructors will expect you to have more than basic stage skills or knowledge of the industry. This course will not being going backwards, only forward. If you are fairly new or have less then 1 year of steady stage experience, we don’t recommend this course, we suggest doing out 5 day or 5 week complete industry course first, get 6 months to 1 year of steady stage time under your belt, then look at taking this course.

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Mar 21st & 28th 2020 – DISCOUNTED, Mar 21st & 28th 2020 – REGULAR