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Attention All Students, All Locations.

Please complete this form at least 1 week prior to start of course to receive it for $50. After that time, you can make a last minute booking up until 3 days prior to start of class, to book into the Graduation show and package. Late cost is $85-$100.

Adelaide Grad night– TBA 2020

Melbourne Grad Night– TBA (2020)

Sydney Grad Nights– TBA 2020

Last minute grad package bookings in class are allowed, the cost is $100 Cash (No eftpos) and this can only be done, before class starts on the first day, if not attending graduation, You will receive a certificate of Completion and only if you finish the class


Based upon student class evaluations, we’re now pleased to offer all students a choice in how they want to graduate. Please read the options below carefully. You must select option 1 or option 2, 1 week prior to the start of your course


Option 1- Offers you only a certificate of completion after day 4. You will receive this in class and at this point, your comedy course is completed. Cost: Free


Option 2 – Offers you an opportunity to perform with your fellow students and special guest comics (Priceless), in front of a live audience, you will also receive a Laminated Graduation Certificate ($10.00 Value), a professionally edited DVD of your performance ($100 dollar value) and 2 bonus show tickets ($50 Value) to give to your family or friends to attend the Graduation ceremony. Cost: $50 on-line up to 1 week prior or book late up to 3 days prior to the start of course for $85  (No Graduation bookings in class)


We, at Aus School of Stand up Comedy, realize, there are a few people who would prefer (for now) to just learn the skills needed to do stand up comedy or presentations, but would prefer to perform these skills at a different time and place. If this is you, we suggest option 1.


Remember, learning stand up can be funny, and fun but please be aware, the instructors take this industry very seriously, there will be homework, daily writing, practice tips for home, several performances of your routine in class, a final exam plus live performances at graduation. Please check to see if this course won’t conflict with your current schedule and commitments.


Remember, you’ll need to select option 2, at least 1 week prior to the start of your course. No selections can be made after the deadlines above.

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Sydney (Must Book 7 days Before Course), Sydney Late Booking (Up to 3 days Before), Melbourne (Must Book 7 days Before Course), Melbourne Late Booking (Up to 3 days Before), Canberra (Must Book 7 days Before Course), Canberra Late Booking (Up to 3 days Before), Adelaide (Must Book 7 days Before Course), Adelaide Late Booking (Up to 3 days Before)